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Delhi Food Gets A Mystic Blend At Chaat la Raza

By Gaurav Raj

Gear up for some culinary food delight if you have a knack for authentic Delhi’s food and Indian desi cuisine with a fine blend of spices. A takeaway and home delivery food joint, ‘Delhicacy, the old Delhi Cafe’ at Galleria, Gurugram has come up with an enticing fusion of Indian street food as ‘Chaat la Raza’ that satiates your gastronomical temptation.

At the recently concluded India Craft’s Week at Aerocity, Delhicacy’s food kiosk appeared to be the cynosure as it was the official food partner for the ICW event.

Although Old Delhi has the distinction to serving some mouthwatering street food on carts, Delhicacy offers the same with a blend.

Served in an eco-friendly bowl, Veg Biryani was cooked in rich aromatic spices like ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, cumin and cloves. Roasted paneer peppered with fried onion slices, carrot, pea, tomato and beans is always the cornerstone of veg biryani.

Raita is an all-time essential for Biryani anywhere in this world. Different places, different taste, but settings are same. In Southern India, you will get coconut gravy served with Biryani while in Old Delhi, some restaurants serve mint or coriander chutney. Here you get Dahi Raita seasoned within an earthen glass (Kullhad) that catches your fancy as the order is served.

Nothing can replace Gulab Jamun as dessert after meal. This sweet delicacy instantly hits your taste buds in the first scoop. Its enchanting taste and smooth texture is the hallmark of the authentic Gulab Jamun. And, Indians cannot resist the temptation for this delectable sweet as and when it is served hot in a desi earthen pot.

The On-Site Food Manager of Chaat la Raza, Priyanka Sapra, takes pride in sharing the culinary delight of Delhicacy. 

She says, “Delhicacy is all about the Delhi’s food and cuisine. The walled city of old Delhi’s Chandni Chowk is the hotshot destination for street foods and your favorite snacks. We cater the same authentic taste to everyone here at Delhicacy. This venture was started by Mr. Prabal Goel. Now we have started Chaat la Raza where we have given a blend to the Indian spices.”

Chaat in India is the most popular street that is loved by foodies all over. Frank Herbert’s epic narrative quotes in his fiction named ‘Dune’, ‘he who controls the spice, controls the universe.’ Chaat can be an ideal demonstration of this famous quote. Chaat la Raza isn’t only controlling spices but also giving it a global fusion. Chaat la Raza offers this delightful street food in even more delectable way by blending the Indian spices with other ingredients all over the world.

Who would have thought of ‘Fruity Golgappe’, Golgappa Shots, and ‘Patila Matar with Pita Bread and Lavash Sticks’? You get this fusion at Chaat la Raza.

Showering praise over the delicacy of Delhicacy, Abhishek PRO of ICW says, “They are wonderful. The idea of having such a fusion is amazing. I have fallen in love with the matar kulcha they serve.”

Bhel Poori and Sev Poori, Chaat la Raza at ICW

Apart from the delicacies Chaat la Raza served at the craft fest, the aesthetics and food presentation was also classic. Instead of ceramic and crockery plates, they came up with traditional thali and katori. 

{The second edition of India Craft Week was a five days event held from 4th to 8th December at Aerocity. The objective of ICW is to create an ecosystem where contemporary brands, independent artists and designers come together to share their ideas and show it to the world. It aims the uplift of craftsmen and artisan of the country from rural areas. There were Mithila Painting, commonly known as Madhubani Painting, Phad painting, Kalamkari, Kalighat Patua and shadow puppetry.} Photo Last

So next time you drop by this quick bite outlet and get parceled some delectable snacks for your family and friends.