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Snug - Book talented people for a coffee, like you, book a ride

Mumbai based technology startup, Snug is the world’s first on-demand business and personal networking platform.

The Snug app lists video profiles of talented people in your city, you can book any of them for a coffee, and meet them in a cafe to gain insights from their expertise. The app works just like ride-sharing apps such as Über, however instead of car, you book talented people for a coffee.

“We all like to meet people who inspire us with their talent. When we meet them one-on-one, they enrich our lives by sharing their insights. We believe that every human being, including commoners, should be empowered to meet any talent anytime they want. This privilege shouldn’t be restricted to selected few successful people only. Hence, we created Snug platform.” said Rajesh Chokhani, co-founder of Snug.

He added "On traditional platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram; one ends up waiting perpetually to connect with talents and have a rare chance of ever meeting them in person to discuss his / her peculiar situation. With Snug, networking is instant and effective. It’s a win-win situation for both the talents and users. Talents and influencers get paid for the time they spent in cafe and users have unlimited access to any talent they want.”

Snug app was launched in Mumbai, in November 2019. It has created a lot of excitement among talents, users and local cafes. Purely through word of mouth, Snug has received 2,000+ applications to get enlisted as talent. It has shortlisted 200+ talents and has got more than 400 meeting requests.

Published authors, senior corporate professionals, technocrats, senior journalists, lawyers, musicians, senior doctors, popular models, TV actors, lead regional cinema actors, voice over artists, magicians, AI researchers, venture capitalists, mobility architects, stand-up comedians and varied categories of talents have enrolled as talent on the platform.

About Human Tales Technology Private Limited: Snug is a product of Human Tales Technology Pvt Ltd. Human Tales is on a mission to bring humans closer, in the real world, through technology. Snug is founded by Rajesh Chokhani, Jayshree Nayak and Manish Deora, all serial entrepreneurs having experience in platform building and fund-raising in their past lives.

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